• AUB President's Innovation Challenge

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      132 innovators participated and Only 13 startups made it to the finals

      Education and skills

      • Synkers
      • WonderEd

      Future of Food

      • Akle
      • Raw Bites - Protein Puffs

      Future of Health

      • Acoustosens
      • Cardio Solutions
      • CTCArray 
      • Find A Nurse
      • RAM Polymer
      • SkanMD

      Waste Management

      • GreenStone
      • PETCRETE
      • PLASFILL
    • Education and Skills

      27% of the people aged between 15 and 24 in MENA are unemployed, compared with a global average of 13%.

      How can technological innovation fundamentally transform education and update the skills required for the contemporary workplace?

      Waste Management

      Globally, 2 billion people do not have access to waste collection services and 3 billion people lack access to controlled waste disposal facilities. It is estimated that the total waste generated in the world will double by 2050. What innovation can help mitigate this challenge in a cost-effective manner?

      Circular Economy

      The shift from a “take, make and dispose” economic model is not sustainable. The circular economy offers significant opportunities to boost economic growth, job creation, and innovation. It is projected that as much as $4.5 trillion in economic value could be created by the year 2030 by rethinking the traditional business models in ways that eliminate waste.

      Future of Health

      The global population will balloon from 7.6 billion to 9.7 billion by 2050 while the number of people over the age of 60 will increase to roughly 2 billion by that point. How can we ensure that an expanding global population can live better and longer lives?

      Future of Food

      Around 800 million people go hungry every day around the world, more than 2 billion lack the nutrients required for a healthy life, and one-third of the population is expected to be overweight or obese by 2030. What innovations can address this challenge?

    • AUB President's Innovation Challenge 2020 Winners

    • Judging Criteria

      Value Proposition & Impact Potential

      Is the solution answering a real need for well defined customer segments? Can it have a considerable impact on people’s lives?


      Is the product or service innovative from a technical, business, or process standpoint?

      Business Model

      Is the revenue model convincing? Is it scalable and financially sustainable?


      Has the team validated the product market fit? Have they demonstrated progress in implementing their idea?

    • Timeline


      Early bird support to write the application



      Online Application Deadline

      30 April


      First Screening of Applications

      20 May


      Second Screening of Applications

      15 June


      Pitching and Award Ceremony

      28 October

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